Dolnośląski Holding Prawny
(Lower Silesian Legal Holding)
Sp. z o.o.

Dolnośląski Holding Prawny

Our company has been established to provide both, natural persons and business entities with legal assistance. Our priority is to ensure the highest quality of our services and absolute commitment to entrusted assignments at all times.

These days recipients of legal services often expect comprehensive service as well as immediate response to their needs. At the same time the market of legal services is considerably fragmented and confused clients often refer their cases to entities lacking in professional knowledge and qualifications.

The unique nature of our team stems from a combination of academic knowledge and practical skills acquired in courtrooms, conference halls, but also in everyday life. Our team of collaborators includes lawyers working as researchers, practitioners, academic teachers, entrepreneurs - people with unlimited horizons, who have chosen to advance their career in the profession of an advocate or legal adviser.

We are familiar with intricacies of both, criminal and civil law alike. A significant part of our activity focuses on family law cases connected with a broad spectrum of issues involving very delicate subject matter.

We focus on following our clients’ needs and adjust our conduct to current requirements of the legal services market. Members of our legal team speak English fluently to facilitate communication of our clients with the Polish judiciary. We believe that lawyers of the 21st century are not only key players in the judiciary, but also act as important members of the complex and multidimensional social communication. Free market economy demands that a good advocate or legal adviser not only follows the updated legislation, which is the absolute minimum for their existence in the legal market, but also the needs of the service sector in it's broad senWe combine law and business in our everyday work to provide ready-made, safe and lawful solutions irrespective of our role of a legal agent, defence lawyer, representative of a private person, corporation or an association.

It is better to let the crime of 5 guilty men go unpunished, than to condemn the innocent.