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Criminal Law and Criminal Fiscal Law

From the moment of detention, in a Public Prosecutor's office, through the courtroom – we defend the accused and support their families, often in the hardest times of all. We realize that behind every case entrusted to our firm there is a person, whose fate is always a priority for us.

Thanks to our knowledge of the law as well as realities of the judiciary, we always try to propose the most rational and effective solutions to our clients while providing them with in-depth description of their procedural situation.

Due to specific nature of criminal proceedings as well as the fact that clients do not focus on the location of their advocate's office, we provide legal representation in criminal cases all over the country.

Our advocates have been also successful while acting as auxiliary prosecutors.

Civil Law

The most distinctive feature of civil proceedings is the adversarial nature and equality of the parties with regard to the adjudicating panel. For this reason, it is of key importance that agents for litigation direct their motions with utmost precision to execute the will of their Principal properly.

At the same time we always remember that timeliness is essential for a professional legal agent, as failure to meet a deadline usually results in adverse consequences for the represented party. We are perfectly aware that apart from excellent substantive quality of our services, it is also efficient conduct that matters, too.

Petty Offences

Contemporary operational realities of the Police and Municipal Police show that everyday activities, such as driving a car involve a risk of a fine. We are the last to be reminded that fines are often levied in questionable circumstances.

Our defenders have been successful in various proceedings for petty offences. Cases we handle on everyday basis include traffic offences, with speeding being the most common ground for a fine. We have also been successful in acquittal of our clients charged with disturbance of peace, offences against property or indecent acts.

Family and Guardianship Law

Disputes involving relations between parents and children as well as marital relations are the most difficult circumstances our clients have to handle in their lives.

Petition for maintenance as well as petition to discharge the maintenance order is always connected with gradation of one’ values and balancing between one's own pride, feelings and expressing one's own needs for both parties alike.

Human aspect of the proceedings is the priority for our team. We realize that the law is merely a superstructure based upon the foundations created by contemporary social relations.

Executive Law

A final and valid court judgement in a criminal case does not result in inability to continue one's battle and pursue protection of the rights of a sentenced person. Criminal Executive Code provides for a number of institutions enabling the sentenced person to mitigate the onerousness resulting from the penalty of deprivation of freedom.

We have been successful in dealing with the canon of a lawyer's trade, such as postponed execution of the penalty of deprivation of freedom, interrupted penalty, conditional early release or execution of penalty of deprivation of freedom within the system of electronic supervision.

Inheritance Law

Disposition of a person's estate in the event of death is a civil law institution known since the times of the Roman Law of the Twelve Tables. We know that proceedings for acquisition of an inheritance, in particular proceedings for division of an inheritance are often painful. It is also challenging for an advocate or a legal adviser - such cases often require gathering and analysis of (often archival) documents and proceedings turn out to be long-lasting and complicated.

We have also been successful in handling issues of legitimate portion. We provide consulting in the scope of analysis of assets and liabilities, which results in unreserved acceptance of an inheritance or acceptance of an inheritance up to the level of net assets.

Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings

Even though juvenile delinquency proceedings are traditionally included into the catalogue of repressive measures, provisions of the Act on Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings are primarily aimed at protection and rehabilitation, not repression. These solutions are aimed at making up for parenting measures and enabling rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

Due to essential issues defined in the Act, including preventing moral corruption of the juvenile and creating conditions for their return to proper functioning within the society, the legislator has amended the Act a number of times, which turns these proceedings into one of the most difficult in Poland.

Insurance, Indemnifications

Advancing people's knowledge about possibility of pursuing one's claims at courts of law has turned the institution of indemnification into our daily bread. Acting as representatives of the injured persons, our collaborators have been successful in hundreds of indemnification procedures against the most powerful insurance companies.

Majority of indemnification cases are connected with traffic incidents. Yet, that is not all, as Art. 415 of the Civil Code states that "anyone who by fault of his part causes damage to another person is obliged to remedy it." We repeat this regulation to our clients like a mantra, trying to broaden their knowledge about their rights every day.

Debt Recovery

Overdue receivables are the nightmare of contemporary entrepreneurs. We know it more than well that financial liquidity is essential. That is why we offer comprehensive debt recovery services to our clients.

Our firm cooperates with specialists in business intelligence and field collection. We have been successful in recovery of debts from contractors of our clients through electronic writ of payment proceedings, payment order proceedings or a standard court trial.

We make use of highly-regarded and reputable court executive officer's offices in execution of our court judgements.

Economic Law

These days winning strategy, good product and well-known brand are not the only factors that determine one's success in business. We know it more than well that all those factors may appear to be insufficient, if a serious legal issue occurs on their way to success. We make every effort to ensure that our clients are provided with preventive advice in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and litigations. We realize that business abhors a vacuum or down time.

We represent our clients in cases based on contract law, in registration proceedings or in issues resulting from provisions of the Polish Code of Commercial Companies and Partnerships.

We try to get broader perspective on every single issue to adjust our operating strategy to our client’s major goal. After all, we are business people too.

Vetting Proceedings

Similarly to criminal proceedings, a vetting court has to base its decision on proper evidence to decide about one's guilt or submission of a false vetting statement.

Currently, vetting proceedings are based on the Act on Disclosure of Information on National Security Authorities Documents Dated 1944 - 1990 and Contents of Those Documents of 18th October 2006.

We are aware that these particular proceedings often affect people holding significant positions in public administration, so our conduct is characterized by discretion in the first place.

Labour Law and Social Security Law

We have been successful in disputes with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) with regard to asserting the right to benefits through both, administrative and court proceedings. We also have rich experience in dealing with labour law issues. We have been representing both, employers and employees in cases for determination of existence of an employment relationship, termination of employment, pecuniary responsibility of an employee or occupational health and safety issues.

Copyright Law and Industrial Property Law

We offer professional consultancy and representation in cases connected with legal protection of a work. We represent our clients before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland as well as at courts of law against entities violating their intellectual property rights.

Administrative Law

Our collaborators can boast long-standing experience in representing natural persons and business entities before state authorities. When methods of administrative dispute had been exhausted, we have also been successful in representing our clients before provincial administrative courts as well as the Supreme Administrative Court.

Game Damage

Redress of game damage involves damage caused by wild animals to crops or agricultural produce. We can boast a number of successful litigations conducted on behalf of injured farmers as well as obliged entities, namely administrators of a hunting district.

Detailed procedure applicable for notification, appraisal and payment of a compensation for game damage is defined in Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 8th March 2010 on conduct in appraisal of damage and payment of compensation for damage to crops and agricultural produce.

Strategic Legal Counselling

It happens now and then that expectations of our clients exceed the scope of ordinary legal representation or legal consultations. In such circumstances we offer unique, tailored solutions to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.